¿Qué significa «mariorigami»?

Fumando mota mientras vez a las chicas súper poderosas.

Hi, I’m Mariori.

I’m a mexican visual artist based in Morelia, Mexico. I paint and illustrate my perception of the world and especially of my Country and the things that are closest to  me. I consider my art a Pop introspective of the ironies of life and society. Most of them are jokes about the Mexican culture or the evidence of some subject matter. But I also like to make things out of rainbows, flowers and unicorns. I guess they are also part of me.

 I wish that my work could, somehow, change the view we have about each other, move minds and move people. Make a change.

 I’ve been influenced by the work of Marc Johns, Wasted Rita, David Shrigley, Banksy, Alec Monopoly, Andy Warhol, Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, and others.

I believe images can have a soul, so every time I make one, I give a little of my soul away.

Instagram: @mariorigami

Snapchat: mariorigami

Twitter: @mariorigami_



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